Athletic Team Selection Procedures

It is a desire of the Princeton Public Schools to provide all students opportunities to develop their athletic potential. Consequently, athletes will be selected for team participation based on the best interests of the team and individual students.

The number of participants in some athletic programs may therefore be limited. The ultimate decision for selection will be made by the head coach at all levels of a program. 

Players will be selected and retained on teams based primarily on playing ability, instead of grade level or program loyalty. Team size will be determined by sport, taking in to account the number of coaches, the number of playing levels and the facilities available.

Objective ratings of students trying out for teams will be done by coaches. The explanation of criteria will take place at player/parent preseason meetings.

The following guidelines will be followed:

  • Coaches at all levels (varsity, junior varsity, and freshman) will conduct the rating/selection process based on established criteria
  • If a student is not selected, he/she will have an opportunity to discuss it with the coach. At that time, the coach will explain to the student what he/she should work on for improvement.
  • The student should be encouraged to try out immediately for a team with unlimited participation within the Princeton Public Schools.
  • The student will be made aware of community-based opportunities in the sport of his/her choice.