Care of School Property

Students shall not throw paper or debris of any kind on school floors, the grass, sidewalks or streets adjacent to the school. Students are also required to clean their tables of food and utensils in the cafeteria when finished eating. Trash bins shall be provided for those purposes. All employees of the school district shall enforce this rule, and the administration shall take any disciplinary action necessary to curb violations. 

It shall be the responsibility of all employees of the school district to safeguard school property from damage by students. Violations shall be reported to the administration for disciplinary action and assessment for damages. 

Care of Private Property

Princeton High School is an integral part of the community of Princeton and all students are expected to project a positive image of our school to the surrounding area. This commitment is crucial in showing respect at all times to the private property of our neighbors. Littering, loitering, and/or causing damage to the private property of any member of the community is unacceptable, and may be subject to disciplinary action, which could include restitution for any monetary loss.