Family Life Education

The Board of Education directs the Superintendent to coordinate the development of a family life education curriculum that will be in compliance with the New Jersey Administrative Code. The program shall provide material suited to each grade level, presented in a manner intended to foster respect for the human body and an understanding of how human sexuality affects personal and family relationships. The curriculum shall be developed with the active participation of teachers, administrators, pupils, parents and guardians, physicians, members of the clergy and representative members of the community.

Further, the Superintendent shall assure that the curriculum developed is articulated so that the transition from elementary to secondary approaches to this material will be easy for our students. Any pupil whose parent or guardian presents to the school principal a signed statement that any part of the instructions in health, family life education, or sex education is in conflict with his conscience, or sincerely held moral or religious beliefs shall be excused from that portion of the course where such instruction is being given, and no penalties as to credit or graduation shall result there from.

The Board urges all parents to become familiar with these courses and to participate in their development as provided by the Administrative Code. The Board of Education alone, upon recommendation of the Superintendent, shall approve the content, sequence and materials of family life education.