Graduation Requirements and Credits

In order for a student to receive a high school diploma from Princeton High School, each student must successfully complete a minimum of 120 credits beginning in grade 9 and concluding in grade 12. The course work must include the following course requirements:

Academic Program Graduation Requirements

Every student must be scheduled for a minimum of 30 credits per year. To meet graduation requirements, students must take:
Language Arts Literacy: 20 credits 
Mathematics: 15 credits, including one year (5 credits) of Geometry
Lab Science: 15 credits, including one year (6.4 credits) of Biology
U.S. History: 10 credits,  (U.S. History I and U.S. History II), (U.S. History I and AP U.S. History), (U.S. History 1 and U.S. History 2), or two years of ESL Transitional History fulfill this requirement.
World History & Cultures: 5 credits, (World History and Cultures and AP World History and Cultures) fulfill this requirement.
World Language: 5 credits. We strongly recommend 15 credits in one language for all students.
Physical Education & Health: 4 credits each year
Visual and Performing Arts:  (Music, Art, and/or designated English electives) 5 credits are required for graduation for students entering 9, 10, 11 and 12.
Practical Arts: (Business, Industrial Technology, Computer Science and designated English electives): 5 credits 
Financial, Economic, and Entrepreneurial Literacy: 2.5 credits 
Career Awareness/Community Service Program: Completed during sophomore year
Proficiency on PARCC Assessments: Grades 9, 10, 11 
21st Century Life & Careers: 5 credits 
In 10th grade, students are also required to participate in a career awareness and community service. 
Minimum graduation requirements should not be confused with college/university admission requirements. The general rule of thumb for most four-year colleges/universities is that applicants should have completed a minimum of 16 to 18 academic units upon graduation. Normally academic units are considered to be full year courses in college preparatory math, science, English, social studies and world languages.

Summary of Graduation Requirements 

Language Arts Literacy20 credits 
Mathematics15 credits
Lab Science15 credits
U.S. History10 credits 
World History & Cultures5 credits 
World Language5 credits (15 is recommended)
Physical Education & Health4 credits each year
Visual and Performing Arts5 credits 
Financial, Economic, and Entrepreneurial Literacy2.5 credits 
Completion of Community Awareness 
Total requirements: 98.5 required credits, 21.5 elective credits for graduation = 120 credits

Minimum Scheduling Requirement

Every Princeton High School student must be scheduled for a minimum of 30 credits per year; however, 35 credits are recommended. Semester courses can run first and/or second semester.

Grade Level Promotion Requirements

In order for a student to be promoted to the next grade level, he/she must have completed a required number of credits during the school year (September through August). These minimums, when added, equal the 120-credit minimum graduation requirement.

9th to 10th grade: 30 credits
10th to 11th grade: 30 credits for a total of 60 credits
11th to 12th grade: 30 credits for a total of 90 credits
12th to graduation: 30 credits for a total of 120 credits

Program of Study

To see all courses offered at Princeton High School, please review our PHS Program of Study.