Each student is assigned a locker for his/her use. Students are to use only the locker assigned to him/her. Students are to keep their lockers neat and clean, and free of graffiti. Locker doors are to be closed and locked at all times when not in use. The school district is not responsible for the contents of any locker and advises all students not to leave valuables in the lockers. Students who do not maintain lockers accordingly may be referred for appropriate disciplinary consequences and/or be fined for damages caused to lockers that require cleaning or repairs.

The law protects all students from unreasonable search and seizure. However, school lockers remain the property of the District even when used by students. Lockers are subject to administrative search when "reasonable suspicion" exists in the interest of school safety, sanitation, or the enforcement of discipline and other school regulations, and to search by law enforcement officials on presentation of a proper warrant. Expect lockers to be searched by the administration periodically during the year.

A student’s person, possessions, and locker may be searched by a school official provided the official has reasonable grounds to suspect that the search will turn up evidence that the student has violated or is violating either the law or the rules of the school.

The extent or scope of the search shall be reasonably related to the objectives of the search and not excessively intrusive in light of the age and gender of the student and the nature of the infraction. Searches that result in the electronic communications of a student shall be conducted with equal sensitivity as that required of physical searches.  

When administrative search is determined to be necessary by the Principal or his/her designee or on presentation of a proper warrant by law enforcement officials, a search shall be requested of the person responsible for the electronic communication system or his/her designee. 

Nothing in this policy shall be construed as to prevent searches by the person responsible for the electronic communication system or his/her designee for the purposes of routine maintenance of the system: no notification to the student users shall be necessary. 

At the end of each school year, students must empty lockers of all contents. Any books found will be returned to the appropriate department supervisor. All clothing, and/or personal belongings left in the lockers at the end of the school year will be donated to a charitable organization.