Parking is reserved for the faculty and staff of the high school as well as a limited number of visitors or guests. Student parking is limited to restricted areas and for seniors only who have a municipality-approved/PHS-approved parking sticker. Students found parking in spaces designated as faculty, residential, visitor, or otherwise restricted spaces are subject to ticketing by the police. 

Also, any student who parks a vehicle illegally, or in such a manner that it impedes the free movement of traffic in the parking lots, will be subject to ticketing by the police and disciplinary action by the high school administration.

By local ordinance, approximately 90 parking spaces will be available exclusively for PHS student parking. A municipality-approved/PHS-approved issued parking sticker must be displayed on the rear windshield, lower left corner of the student’s automobile. The PHS administration will conduct a lottery for the 90 available parking decals.

PHS student permit parking, as specified by ordinance, will be available on the following streets:

  • Walnut Avenue between Houghton and Franklin Streets
  • Franklin Avenue between Walnut Lane and Westminster Choir College entrance
  • Guyot Avenue between Moore and Walnut Streets, on the school side of the avenue.

PHS students, faculty and staff may not park on streets marked as residential permit parking. Parking information and procedures will be sent directly to seniors or can be picked up in the Main Office.