Passive Breath Alcohol Sensor Device

The Board authorizes PBASD screening before, during, and after any co-curricular or extracurricular school sponsored activities/events including, but not limited to: dances athletic events, proms, class trips, overnight trips, school assemblies, drama productions, or graduation ceremonies when the Building Principal or designee has reason to believe the use of alcohol by pupils may be present. When it is determined a PBASD will be used, one of the following options is available:

  • Every pupil attending or pupil participating in such event will be screened.
  • The Building Principal or designee may, in certain circumstances, determine to have pupils screened on a random basis (i.e. blind selection of marbles, or other bona fide random selection process predetermined by the Principal); and or
  • The Building Principal or designee may screen based on reasonable suspicion of alcohol use.