Senior Privilege Senior

Senior students with 90 or more credits may be permitted to leave the school premises when they have no scheduled classes or other school activities, provided that their parents or legal guardians have signed and submitted to the High School the consent waiver and indemnification form prepared by the Board of Education. Seniors so authorized must sign out before leaving and sign in upon returning in the attendance office. The privilege may be withheld or withdrawn for cause notwithstanding the consent of the parent and/or legal guardian. 

  1. To be eligible for senior sign-out, a student must be a senior in good standing. Only senior students who have earned a minimum of 90 credits at the beginning of this school year will be entitled to this privilege.
  2. All seniors who participate in the sign out privilege must first have on file in the Assistant Principal’s Office a valid consent waiver form.
  3. Before leaving the campus, students will be required to sign the logbook in the Attendance Office, indicating the time of leaving, their destination, and their expected time of return. Upon returning to campus, students will be required to sign in.
  4. Students who do not conduct themselves in an appropriate manner in the community may be subject to a loss of this privilege at the discretion of the Principal.