Student Conduct Off of School Premises

Students who travel with teachers or with other designated supervisors to activities away from school such as field trips, athletic events, concerts and other school functions must conduct themselves so that they bring pride and respect to Princeton High School. 

Behavior not in keeping with this ideal will result in appropriate disciplinary action, which may include suspension and/or referral to the police. Students must return with the teacher or supervisor and are not permitted to make arrangements to return with friends.

Bus Conduct

New Jersey law provides that any student who habitually violates the regulations concerning conduct on school buses may be denied the privilege of utilizing bus services.

Student Conduct in the Halls

Students are not permitted to eat or drink in the halls except during break. Students are responsible for discarding their personal garbage in the proper receptacles. Students are not to loiter in the halls between classes

Dangerous Conduct

The school is entrusted with the safety of all students. Potentially dangerous behavior such as pushing, hitting or assaulting another student(s), throwing snowballs, water balloons or other objects, use or possession of firearms, knives or water pistols, climbing on the roof, etc. will result in appropriate disciplinary action which may include suspension and/or referral to the police. Any student found to be in possession of or detonating firecrackers or other explosive devices at any time on school property will be suspended. Such students will also be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible according to law.


Fighting will not be tolerated. Suspension will be assigned for a first offense and subsequent offenses as defined by the Discipline Code. Immediate parent contact and re-admission conferences are included in suspension procedures.

Any student involved in fighting or any form of assault, either verbal or physical, may be suspended for a minimum of one day. Students who disrupt the school environment and endanger the safety of others by fighting may be referred to the police. All parties to the violence will be suspended; however, the overall duration of the individual suspensions may vary with the level of involvement and/or severity of the actions (as determined by the administrative staff).