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Mr. Snyder, Principal
151 Moore Street
Princeton, NJ 08540

Tel: 609.806.4280
Fax: 609.806.4281
Guidance: 609.806.4282

Community Resources

Trinity Counseling Center                               609.924.0060

Mobile Response & Stabilization Services                1.877.652.7624

Jewish Family & Childrenís Services                    609.987.8100

Family & Childrenís Services of Central Jersey 609.924.2098

Youth Emergency Services                                609.989.7297

Crisis Ministry                                          609.921.2135

2nd Floor Youth Helpline                                         888.222.2228

Corner House                                            609.924.8018

Anchor House                                            609.396.8329

Family Crisis Intervention Unit                          1.877.652.7624

Capitol County childrenís Collaborative                609.584.0888

Mercer County Family Support Organization                609.586.1200

Psychiatric Screening Services at                       609.394.6086
Capitol Health System Fuld