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Attendance Policy

Mr. Snyder, Principal
151 Moore Street
Princeton, NJ 08540

Tel: 609.806.4280
Fax: 609.806.4281
Guidance: 609.806.4282

General Procedures

The educational program offered by this district is predicated on the regular attendance of all students and requires continuity of instruction and classroom participation.  The regular contact of pupils with one another in the classroom and their participation in a well-planned instructional activity are vital to this purpose.  Therefore, to acquire a thorough and efficient education, each enrolled student shall attend the entirety of each class, each day that school is in session.

To reinforce this basic philosophy, the Princeton Regional Schools Board of Education has instituted a policy that denies credit to students who have attained a passing grade in a course, but have exceeded the following number of absences:
Full-year courses                       18 days
Semester courses                        9 days

Three tardies in a class is equivalent to one additional absence.  Additional absences accrued due to tardies are counted toward the total for denial of credit.

Absences caused by religious obligation or absences that are school imposed (e.g., suspensions, field trips) do not accumulate toward the limit of 18 absences.

Pupils absent from school for any reason are responsible for the completion of assignments missed because of their absence.  No student excused for a religious holiday shall be deprived of an award or eligibility to compete for an award or the opportunity to make up a test given on the religious holiday.

Verified  Absences
An absence that is caused by illness, minor injury, family emergency,  pre-approved  (through the Principal or Assistant Principal) family  need, college visits (maximum of three days), a driver's test, or  a medical/dental appointment that cannot be made outside of the school day will be classified as a verified absence if a note signed by a physician, parent or legal guardian is received in the attendance office within three (3) days  of the student’s return from the absence.

All verified absences are counted toward the total for denial of credit.

Unverified Absences
There is  zero tolerance for unverified absences for all students. Any student absent from a class will be considered truant unless a written verification from a parent/legal guardian is presented or the student has participated in a school-sponsored activity.   Repeated truancy of this type will become a disciplinary matter with appropriate sanctions.

Attendance Procedures

A daily attendance list will be generated at the end of period two. Students who arrive late to school must report to the attendance office immediately in order to receive an Admit Slip to class.
Unverified and verified absences are counted toward the total for denial of credit.

Right Of Appeal

Upon receiving notification concerning excessive absences, the student has the option to appeal any extenuating circumstances regarding his/her attendance record to the Attendance Review Committee.  The appeal must be filed in writing with the Assistant Principal within five (5) school days of receipt of the notice. The Attendance Review Committee may recommend a modification of the credit status to the principal if they deem the extenuating circumstances warrant such action. The principal shall have the final authority in all appeals at the high school.

Calls And Notes

Parents are requested to call the attendance office (Ms. Han at 806-4280, ext 3806) between 7:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. to report absences for their children in advance. In addition, a student returning from an absence must bring a note from a parent/guardian or a physician to the attendance office (located outside the Main Office).  If a note is received within 3 days, the absence will be listed as "verified".  
All verified absences are counted toward the total for denial of credit.

Overall Credit Expectations

• Credit must be earned in each required subject and year-end minimum credits must be earned prior to that student moving to the next year’s level.
• A student returning with fewer than 30 credits will be considered a freshman and placed in a freshman homeroom.
• A student returning with fewer than 60 credits will be considered a sophomore and placed in a sophomore homeroom.
• A student returning with fewer than 90 credits will be considered a junior and placed in a junior homeroom.
• Students must have a minimum of 120 credits to graduate and these credits must be in the required program areas as stipulated by New Jersey state law and outlined clearly in the Board of Education Policies and the student handbook.

Appeal Process

Students in any grade level who exceed the state mandated attendance requirement of 90% present in class must submit a formal attendance appeal in writing with appropriate documentation to the Assistant Principal responsible for that student. The attendance committee will grant or deny appeals. Granted appeals will result in restored credits.

Tardy to School

A student is tardy to school when they arrive after the 7:50 bell to begin first period. If a student is tardy to school, he/she must sign in upon arrival to get a pass to class; otherwise he/she will be marked absent for the entire school day.
If a student arrives to school late due to illness, minor injury, family emergency, preapproved family need, driver’s test, or medical appointment, the student should bring a letter of verification with them upon arrival to school.
The student will be marked Tardy Verified.
All other tardies to school will be marked Tardy Unverified.
Both verified and unverified tardies are counted toward the total for denial of course credit.

Tardy To Class

A student is tardy to class when they arrive after the bell.

Tardiness results in the loss of in-class time and is a disruption to the learning process. It is expected that students be on time to class. Tardiness is a disciplinary issue and will be dealt with as such.
Teachers are encouraged to handle minor tardy infractions as part of the normal classroom procedures.  As per Board of Education policy, every three tardies in each class will result in one additional absences from that class.

A student who arrives more than 10 minutes late to a class, without a valid pass from a teacher or the main office, will be admitted to class with the time recorded.  Chronic tardiness will be  referred by the teacher to the Assistant Principal for appropriate disciplinary consequences.

Leaving School Early

A note should be sent with the student requesting dismissal. Please indicate the reason for and time of dismissal and parent/guardian contact name and number. The student should bring the note to the attendance window before school begins. The student will then be given a pass to leave class at the specified time. This is the student’s pass to leave class. He/She will not be called out of class for dismissal.
A parent/guardian may come to the attendance window/main office to sign a student out if no note is handed in by the student.
Students being dismissed early by a parent will be marked absent verified for the classes they missed. Documentation from a doctor, driver’s test, and/or