The Great War Newspaper /Magazine Project

Assignment Sheet

se your textbook, the books in the library, the databases, and the web sites listed below
As you reseach, be sure to keep track of the sources you used.
Use the textbook and documents links. Will be usefully specifically for the following topics
Scroll down the list of topics under  “More to Explore” and “Contents”
If your topic isn’t listed, try doing a search (top right corner).  They have great information about many of the topics.Will be usefully specifically for the following topics
This site accompanies the PBS film Influenza, 1918. On this page, there is an introduction that will be useful.   There are also a bunch of links on the left; the ones that will probably be most useful are the “General Articles,” “Primary Resources,” and “Photo Gallery.”
This link has info on the Great Migration.  Careful—your newspaper only covers up to 1919- don’t include anything from the 1920s.
This site lists various topics.  Each link will take you to a description of the topic and relevant primary source accounts.
While it doesn’t have much information on topics that are only part of the U.S. war experience, it will help with the following topics





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