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Princeton-Colmar Exchange (site under construction)
Between Princeton High School and Lycée Bartholdi

Mr. Snyder, Principal
151 Moore Street
Princeton, NJ 08540

Tel: 609.806.4280
Fax: 609.806.4281
Guidance: 609.806.4282

IMG_5900 - Version 3.jpg
The Little Vintner at the former Borough Hall           
1 Monument Drive, Princeton             
Le Petit Vigneron au Marché Couvert
à l'angle de la rue des Vignerons et de la rue des Ecoles à Colmar
This statue was created in 1869 by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi (1834-1904), a native Colmarian who is best known for creating the Statue of Liberty .  A copy of the Little Vintner was given to Princeton by Colmar in 1988 to commemorate Princeton and Colmar becoming sister cities.  

The Princeton-Colmar Exchange is first and foremost a true exchange.  This means that participants are expected to both host and visit their Colmarian correspondent.  In certain cases interested students will only be able to host or travel but not both.  Exceptions will be made for these students on the basis of availability but students who will participate in both halves of the exchange get priority.  For the full experience and benefit both halves are necessary.

The purpose of the exchange
The exchange between Princeton High School and the Lycée Bartholdi is meant to:
- give students a opportunity to travel to another country to experience life as a local.
- develop an understanding and appreciation for the local culture.
- spark friendships that will transcend the exchange and last well into the future.
- help students develop linguistically as they interact with their French peers.
How are correspondents chosen?
Students enrolled in French at PHS are eligible to apply to the Exchange.  In Colmar all the participants are enrolled in a history class that is taught in English.  The French students will send a brief introduction in which they list their interests and pastimes and will be matched up with a Princetonian/Cranburian student who shares similar interests.

What to expect as a host:
The Colmarians will stay with us for about 10 days and are interested in learning about life with a 'typical' American family.  They will attend classes with us and take day trips to different locations such as Princeton University, the Grounds for Sculpture, Philadelphia and New York City.

While with us we request that you provide them with breakfast a bag lunch and dinner.  They appreciate seeing what life is like for us on a day to day basis.  Many families will take them on special day trips during the weekend.  Different ideas have included a trip to New York, Philadelphia or another nearby city, local university and high school sports events.

Expectations for host families:

Host families are expected to provide the following for our guests:
-A safe, comfortable and enjoyable environment .  
-The opportunity to participate in your family's daily lives and events.  
-The same care, support and comfort that you would provide to another member of your family.
-A comfortable place to sleep; sharing a room is acceptable if the kids are of the same gender and close in age.

Last year's itinerary:
Saturday 10/20
*arrive JFK 2-3pm, bus to Pton
*Pick up at PHS around 5pm
Sunday 10/21
* Princeton tour/scavenger hunt: afternoon, time TBD
Monday 10/22
* Morning in school
*PU tour  
*Climb the Graduate School Tower
*3pm pickup @PHS
*3-5pm Movie in the PAC
Tuesday 10/23
* Day trip to NYC
*7:17 Dinky
Return by 6:57
Weds 10/24
* Day trip to Philadelphia
*Return by 3pm
Thurs 10/25
* Day trip to NYC
*7:17 Dinky
Return by 6:57
Friday 10/26
* Morning in school
*10:30 brunch
* PU Art museum
* 5:30pm Cheeburger
*7:30pm PHS Orchestra concert in the PAC

Saturday 10/27
* Halloween costume party 7-10:30 pm Chez Emma Crain
Sunday 10/28

Monday 10/29
* Drop off at school w/luggage
*Attend classes
* Depart PHS 2pm

What to expect as a traveler:
The next Princeton-Colmar Exchange will take place in October and November of 2014.  We will spend three days in Paris and then continue to Colmar by TGV.  

In Paris we will stay in a hotel near the city center and enjoy the sights.  Breakfast and dinner will be included by the hotel or the tour company and lunch will be on our own.  During our last visit in 2012 we toured the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre, the Opera, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Elysees, the Marais, the Jardins du Luxembourg, we had a twilight boat tour and we became experts of the Parisian Metro.

In Colmar we will stay in the homes of our 'correspondents' and get to know life with their families.  We will attend classes with them at the Lycée Bartholdi and will have several day trips.  These trips may include a tour of the charming center of Colmar (with a 'patisserie crawl'), the city of Strasbourg, the European Parliament, a fromagerie in Orbey and the Chateau du Haut-Koenigsbourg.
Our students will have breakfast and dinner with the families but lunch will be on our own.

Last year's itinerary:

Weds 11/7
Depart Newark 22h00 Swiss Air flight #LX019
Thurs 11/8
Arrive Zurich 11h30
Depart Zurich 12h40
Arrive Paris 14h00
Friday 11/9
* Paris sightseeing
Saturday 11/10
* Paris sightseeing
Sunday 11/11
* Paris sightseeing
* TGV to Colmar 1h30-17h32
* Meet host family
Monday 11/12
* School
* 2.00PM Walking tour of Colmar
*Reception at the City Hall
Tuesday 11/13
*Strasbourg (Train 8AM)
*10.30 AM Visit of the EU Parliament
*Tour, Cathedral, etc.
Weds 11/14
* School
*Tour in Turckheim ~
Thurs 11/15
*FREIBURG~for the day
Friday 11/16
* School
*Unterlinden Museum
Saturday 11/17
*Visit Chateau Haut Koenigsbourg with the family
Sunday 11/18
* Bus to Zurich,
Depart Zurich 17h25 Swiss Air flight #LX018
Arrive Newark 20h20

Colmar in the news
(Town Topics, May 6 1987)